Olivia Newton-John was diagnosed
with breast cancer in 1992, that
same weekend,
her father died
from cancer. She underwent a
partial mastectomy
and breast reconstruction.
Olivia has been cancer-free for
more than
17 years.

When it comes to issues with our own breast health, it is better to know than not to know.

Meet Olivia Newton-John, Singer, Songwriter, Actress

The one word that sums up Olivia Newton-John’s personality and spirit is generosity. She wants to share her experience, and talk with women about breast health and how important it is to regularly perform all steps to early detection. “It’s better to know than not to know” says Olivia.

“Olivia, you say that women don’t talk enough about breast health. What do you mean?”
Olivia: “Surprising, isn’t it? With all the breast cancer charities, and the media promoting breast cancer initiatives– well, that’s the problem right there, I just said breast cancer twice in one sentence and that scares women. It is that fear of cancer that stops women from talking about their breast health. And when they don’t talk about it, they may not be performing their monthly breast self-exams or they may even start putting off going to their yearly doctor check-ups and mammograms.”
“Many women say that they are so busy in their lives. They say they can not make the time to make their health a priority.”
Olivia: “This is very common. I have talked to so many women and I am amazed what women accomplish every day. They take care of everyone around them. They pursue their careers and educations while at the same time maintain their families and homes… the list goes on and on. Most women spend so much time nurturing and taking care of others, that they put themselves last. And if you put your breast health last, you run the risk of losing your best defense: early detection. I know this all too well from my own experience. It was early detection, actually regular breast self-examination that saved my life when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When it comes to issues with our own breast health, it is better to know than not to know. So, we have to find a balance in making time for our own health.”
“What do you think a woman should do for her breast health? How do you think she finds that balance?”
Olivia: “Besides living a healthy lifestyle, she should follow the American Cancer Society’s guidelines and get mammograms and check-ups appropriate for her age group. She should always do monthly breast self-exams starting at age 20. They are so important because every woman goes through changes with her breast tissue throughout her life; think about it– menstruation, puberty, pregnancy, breast feeding, menopause… and just the normal weight changes. There is often lumpiness, swelling, and other discomfort. It is important to recognize these changes, know what is normal for you, and immediately discuss any changes with your doctor.”

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