“My dream is
that all women
in the world
will have a
LIV and love
enough to
take charge of
their own
breast health.”

Olivia Newton-John

Breast cancer knows no borders. Though once thought of as a disease that mainly affected the Western World it is now known that women throughout the world are at risk. On a worldwide basis, no other cancer strikes women as often or is as life threatening as breast cancer.

Many breast cancer organizations have expanded globally to help educate, support and fund treatment for women all over the world. One of the most important goals is to educate women about the importance of early detection in not only diagnosing but also treating breast cancer as early as possible. Early detection saves lives.

Breast self-examination can be the first step to early detection. Many breast problems are initially found by women themselves during breast self-examination. The LIV is a simple, safe and convenient to use product that assists women to self-examine correctly. It is a global registered medical device that can be reused every month as part of your regular breast self-exam routine.

To find out if the LIV is available in your local neighborhood, just use the interactive world map above. Find your country, click on the area and a link to your local web site will show up. It's time to LIV.

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