Beauty and health require discipline
and diligence

The more in tune you are with your ever-changing body, the better you can take charge or your health

Women Struggle with Their
Body Image

Women often do not like how they look. This is true for most women, even supermodels. When it comes to their appearance, women tend to be critical toward themselves as there is constant pressure from the media and society on how to look. Often the media advertises a specific image of a woman that is unrealistic and unhealthy to achieve. Because of that, many women struggle with keeping a positive body image and often wish for what they don’t have. This is also true for a woman’s bust size and shape.

Living Beautifully Means Being Active at
Looking Your Best

Often, when we think we do not look our best, regular exercise, a hint of make-up and wearing something nice will do wonders. Regarding our bust, today’s beauty and fashion industry provides many options to help women achieve the look they want. There are breast creams, push up bras and flatting bras that help to create the look a woman desires. You may want to try some of these options, as some might work for you.

Sometimes our breasts are really too small or too large and they cause some women serious self-esteem struggles and health problems. If that happens, plastic surgery can help to increase or reduce the size of the breasts. It is very important to think about breast surgery carefully, as there are risks involved.

Women come in different sizes and shapes; that makes each woman unique and interesting.

Here are some tips from Olivia Newton-John on what she does to look her best.

Olivia Newton John
  1. I try to exercise every day; it keeps me in shape and energized. I play tennis, hike and work-out to get my exercise.
  2. I am a strong believer in a daily skin care routine. Every night I take the time, no matter how tired I am, to remove my make-up and to cleanse my face thoroughly. For many years, I have used the all natural Camu C Serum Skin Care Products by Amazon Herbs (my well kept secret is out now). Click here to find out more.
  3. Relax. Have a cup of tea, take a few minutes everyday for yourself. Listen to music or just daydream for a moment. I find that beautiful thoughts translate into beautiful looks.
  4. Try to eat healthy. There is lots of research that nutrition is also important to a healthy body and glowing skin. As many other women, I believe that beauty and health are strongly connected.
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Olivia Newton-John

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