Olivia wants
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to actively
integrate breast health into
your daily life.
It is time to LIV.

Take part in your breast health. Know what is normal for you. Make a commitment to consistency and routine in your breast health. Take breast health action.

Managing Director, Kathy Ullman at Livgeiger and Dr. Ernie Bodai

Many women have found breast lumps with the help of the LIV; mostly normal lumps. However, some women noticed unusual changes when using the LIV and for those women the LIV was the first step to their diagnosis. The LIV helps women become aware of what is normal for them. This increased awareness in breast health is what the LIV is designed to provide. Increased awareness drives early detection and early detection saves lives. Younger women (40 years and under) especially don’t get mammograms if they are at normal risk with no

family history. Younger women rely on self-awareness even more and therefore Dr. Bodai recommends the LIV as a valuable health tool for them.

Cross your Heart.Make a Promise.Use the LIV aid Once a Month, Every Month.
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What is the LIV breast self-examination aid?

The LIV is a self-examination aid that is designed to help women examine their breast tissue. It molds to the skin and provides a smooth surface for the fingers to easily glide over the breast tissue.

There is a learning curve for self-examination
and for using the LIV aid.

It takes a little time to get used to the LIV.
Self-examination is about “storing information about your breast tissue” in the brain, so you can be aware of changes. If you self-examine for the first time and you use the LIV, chances are that you don’t feel much. That is because the brain has no former memory about how your breast tissue feels and it has no memory how the LIV device feels on your skin. So often, the brain blanks and women don’t feel anything. DON’T GET DISCOURAGED!

If you keep using the LIV, within a few times only, your brain will remember how your breast tissue feels (it will actually get better and better, recognizing more details) and your brain will remember the LIV as a better tool to pass information to the brain. You will be amazed at how well the LIV will work for you.

How does the LIV aid assist your fingers during
your self-examination?

Our sense of touch works because of millions of touch sensors that are located in our skin all over the body. The sensors are connected via nerves to the brain.
The brain actually translates the information that is passed and stores it (this is called conditioning). As more information is stored, the more we are aware of
what we feel.

When we touch something, the touch sensors in our hands are activated and they send a message to the brain. The brain then translates the message and you will recognize what it is you touched based on the memory in the brain. The most sensitive touch sensors are located in our fingertips (we feel the best with them). If we touch our body with our bare hands, 2 sets of sensors send 2 different messages to the brain at the same time (the one in our fingers and the one in the body area we touch). This actually confuses the brain and makes us feel “slightly less.” Hence, if you put the LIV between your fingers and the area to be examined, you help to remove the confusion from skin-on-skin contact assisting your fingers ability detect lumps during your self-exam.

SPECIFIC USE DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that the LIV will detect breast cancer, breast lumps or any other breast diseases. Breast self-examination is a part of good breast health care but is not a substitute for regular medical examination. Clinical breast examination and mammograms should be regularly performed by a qualified physician. Changes found during breast self-examination should be promptly reported to your physician for proper evaluation.

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